Second Avenue, Fitzwilliam
Pontefract, WF9 5BA
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Susan Harrison


Dear Parents / Carers

A number of concerns have been raised about the increasingly dangerous parking along First and Second Avenue

at the start and the end of the school day. This unsafe parking is putting the lives of children at risk.

Did you know that:

  • Around 5,000 children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year.
  • Nearly two in three road accidents happen when children are walking or playing

We all strive to set a positive example to our children but your children are being put at risk of

being killed or seriously injured by parents who park illegally on the yellow zig-zag markings,

park illegally on the kerb or double park along First and Second Avenue.


Children should be able to enter and leave school without having their safety compromised.

When entering or leaving school our children need to be able to see clearly in all directions to be

able to cross the road safely and drivers need to be able to see them.  


You may think that you are a responsible driver and that the above concerns do not apply to you.

But if you collect your child(ren) in a car and if you do park in any of the ways mentioned above you

are blocking the children’s view of oncoming traffic and make walking along the avenues and crossing

he road dangerous. The reality is that you could kill or seriously injure a child.


We are asking all parents who drive cars along the avenues to think before they park. Park further

away from the school entrances, park in the Catch Penny car park and walk up the avenue or use

the walking bus service school provides.

If any parent does witness unsafe or illegal parking please take the registration number of the car

and forward this information to school who will forward this to the police or forward the

information directly to the police yourself.


Please help us keep the children safe.