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Spring Dinner Menu

Spring 2 Dinner Menu - Feb-April 2017

Spring 1 Dinner Menu - Jan-Feb 2017

New School Caterers

New School Caterers - ISS Education

Staff & Visitor Handbook

Staff and Visitor Handbook 2016/17


Prevent Pamphlet

Please click on the link and read through our KEYDOC PREVENT Pamphlet for Parents: KEYDOC - PREVENT PAMPHLET


Spellings, Phonics & Grammar

Please read through Year 1 Spellings, Phonics & Grammar Checklist below:

Year 1 Spellings, Phonics & Grammar

 Handwriting Formation Part 1

Handwriting Formation Part 2


Please read through our UFS and Year 1 checklists below:

LFS to UFS Checklist

UFS to Year 1 Checklist


Winter Water Safety

Please read our Winter Water Safety link and keep safe this Christmas: Water Safety


Parental links within our school community are vitally important and as a team it is a collective responsibility to maintain and develop these further. Within our school parental links are a key element to success and it is important to us that we involve you in as many ways as possible.

We aim to foster these links further and develop parental partnerships, creating a culture where school draws you in as your child’s co educators engaging them and increasing their capacity to support your children’s learning.

We hope that this site is useful in providing you with as much information as you could need. Not just in terms of formal contact but also in terms of sharing successes and children’s experiences at Fitzwilliam Primary School.

Annual Parent Questionnaire 2015-16

Thank you to all of you who completed school’s annual parent questionnaire in the summer term. You have told us a lot about what you think of our school.

There are many things about school which you think are good. These include:

  • Your child feels safe in school.
  • The quality of teaching in school is good.
  • School meets your child’s needs.
  • School is well organised.
  • The school is developing very good facilities including computing and the outdoor environment.
  • The website and emailing of letters has improved communication.
  • School helps all parents to support their child’s learning.

There are some things that you would like to know more about or see improved. These include:

  • More regular reports regarding your child’s progress.
  • Support parents with homework.
  • Make sure all parents know how to access the school website.

The above requirements will be addressed throughout this new school year and school initiatives have been planned to address these points of development.

Once again may I thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire and hopefully school will continue to work hard to address any of the points for improvement that have been raised.

Parents Questionnaire 2015-16