Second Avenue, Fitzwilliam
Pontefract, WF9 5BA
TELEPHONE: 01977-624490
FAX: 01977-624498

Susan Harrison

School Information

Fitzwilliam Primary School is a county Primary School catering for girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 11 years.  The school was built in 1928. It is situated in the village of Fitzwilliam and is approximately 6 miles from Wakefield.  The building is spacious, well maintained and offers an extremely attractive learning environment.  The school is built on one level and is surrounded by playing fields to all sides with extensive views of the countryside.


It is our aim at Fitzwilliam Primary School to provide each child with the best possible education by:

  • Forming effective partnerships with parents and our community.
  • Providing a happy, safe, stimulating environment where everyone feels valued.
  • Creating an inclusive environment for all pupils where each child can develop the skills and knowledge required to achieve their potential.
  • Nurturing children who are curious, who question, who discover for themselves, who problem solve and who make their own decisions.
  • Making choices based on tolerance, respect and a caring attitude towards other and our environment.


Our mission statement is:-

‘Working and growing together’.


We hope to provide a positive ethos in our school, which incorporates positive shared values through the following:

The provision of a broad, balanced education serving the needs of all our children.

  • To provide a safe, happy, stimulating working environment involving and supporting the parents in the care of their children.
  • The provision of a curriculum, which gives equality of opportunity to all regardless of gender, race, religion and disability.
  • The promotion of positive, caring, co-operative, respectful attitudes in all areas of our   school life and relationships.
  • To promote a quality environment which enables every child to reach it’s full potential with a shared vision for excellence in all aspects of our school life.
  • An ‘open door’ policy for all parents.
  • A well planned and implemented curriculum that is evaluated regularly.
  • A positive approach to behavior.

Our 5 Golden Rules

  • We keep ourselves safe.
  • We look after our school.
  • We are friendly and polite.
  • We do our best in our work and play.
  • We speak quietly and listen carefully to each other.