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School doors open at 8.45am. Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time for the start of the school day.

Behaviour & Safety



'Working and Growing Together'

Fitzwilliam Primary School’s beliefs about behaviour

Children are trying to solve a problem, not be a problem.

Good behaviour needs to be taught.

The only person’s behaviour you can directly change is your own.

Everyone is responsible for the choices they make.

Good behaviour involves understanding the consequences of the choices made.

People can have different perceptions of the same situation

Children like good behaviour.

The classroom climate is controlled by the member of staff.

Children respond better to encouragement.

Children learn by example.

Behaviour management is most effective when all stakeholders work in partnership.

The most effective behaviour management systems are clear and understood by all.

Our children also believe

Talking about our behaviour helps us improve it.

  • Our sanctions help us follow our Golden Rules.
  • Children should respect each other.


Golden Rules

We have 5 Godlen Rules that we all follow:

 We keep ourselves safe.

    1.  We look after our school.


    1.  We are friendly and polite.


    1.  We do our best in our work and play.


    1.  We speak quietly and listen carefully to each other.



Our Safer School's Officer is: PC Amanda Blunt

 PC Blunt comes into to school and works with us. We enjoy her coming to assemblies and leading workshops. Please click on the link below to find out when PC Blunt is next in school.

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