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PE, Sport & Physical Activity

The PE Subject Leader is: Miss Stephanie Crossley

 Subject Ambassadors are Jamie and Rosie


Subject Leader Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Overview

Subject: PE

Subject Leader: Steph Crossley

 The intent of our PE curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and achievement in the area of PE enabling them to know more about physical activity and keeping healthy, remember more about the physical activity they participate in and learn about and understand how to use and apply this knowledge to impact upon their own physical activity, participation and healthy lifestyle.


School has identified key intentions that drive our PE curriculum. At Fitzwilliam Primary School our PE curriculum intentions are:


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Intention 1:           

To build a PE curriculum which enables children to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities which results in pupils knowing more, remembering more and understanding how the knowledge and skills can be applied in their own physical activity and healthy lifestyle.


To design a curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding in physical education as set out in the National Curriculum so that children can reach and exceed their potential at Fitzwilliam Primary School and beyond.


Education Endowment Fund Research indicates: The overall impact of sports participation on academic achievement tends to be positive. Recent evidence from the UK suggests that sports participation can have a larger effect on, for example, mathematics learning when combined with a structured numeracy programme.

  • Clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum.

In P.E, children will study four areas of sport. These include: Gymnastics, Athletics, Games and Dance. Within P.E lessons, children will adopt many different roles such as a performer, coach, umpire and leader and explore many different outdoor activities.

  • PE Kit

Children have access to a PE Kit purchased by school annually.

  • Access to experts

Over the period of the year / key Stage children will have opportunities to work with PE experts.

  • Inter Events

Children will have access to competing against pupils from other schools.

  • Intra Events

Half termly all pupils will have access to competing against pupils in school.

  • Displays

Display in school will celebrate involvement in PE.

  • Extended Schools

Children will have access to PE outsde of the school day.

  • Children will achieve age related expectations in PE.
  • Children will enjoy sport and will seek additional extra-curricular activities both school and external to school related.
  • Participation levels in PE will be 100%.


Intention 2:

To build a curriculum that encourages and provides opportunities for all children to lead healthy, active lives. To enable them to know more, remember more and understand more about the positives involved in healthy lifestyle.


Education Endowment Fund Research indicates: The overall impact of sports participation on academic achievement and mental well-being tends to be positive.

  • Clear and comprehensive PE scheme of work which makes reference to healthy lifestyles.

The teaching and learning of healthy life styles is planned explicitly within each year group as part of the PE SOW

  • Cross Curricular links

The PE SOW / policy makes links with other subjects including Science, PSHE and Maths.

  • 1 k a day

The 1 K a Day is actively promoted and completed consistently by all children and modelled by staff.

  • Free Fruit / Water only snack policy

School provides free fruit for all children daily.

School has a fruit / water only snack policy at playtimes.

  • Children will show a good understanding of healthy eating.
  • Children will access the free fruit or bring their own fruit.
  • Childrens packed lunches indicate a balance diet.



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