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School doors open at 8.45am. Thank you for ensuring that your child arrives on time for the start of the school day.

Who's Who



  'Working and Growing Together' with the Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Susan Harrison

  • Headteacher
  • Local Leader of Education
  • (Designated Safeguarding Leader, Curriculum Leader, PSHE Leader)

  •                                                        Mr Paul Quarry
  •                                                     Deputy Headteacher
  • Specialist Leader of Education
  •                                                                 (Year 6, Literacy Leader, Art Leader, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)                     



  •                            Mr Tim Downes                                  Miss Vikki Scott
  •                      Foundation Stage Manager                              SENDCO
  •                     Specialist Leader of Education                 Specialist Leader of Education
  •                                (UFS, History Leader)                     (Year 2, Geography Leader, Lead Moderator for Wakefield)





              Miss Helen Abbott              Miss Jenny Burns               Mrs Sarah Jones

  •                (Year 1, Music Leader)                (Year 3, DT Leader)             (Year 3 Teacher, RE Leader)



                     Mr Adam Stockhill                Mrs Amy Boulton             Miss Stephanie Crossley  

  •              (Year 4 Teacher, Computing       (Year 5 Teacher, Science        (Year 3, Maths Leader, PE Leader    
  •                               Leader)                        Leader, Forest School)              and Sports Funding Leader)
    •                         Miss Lisa Hall
      •                (Nursery Teacher, MFL Leader)



    Support Staff:



    •             Mrs Tracey Morgan                Mrs Denise Scargill               Mrs Dawn Reape
    •              Inclusion Manager                    Nursery Nurse                   Nursery Nurse



    •            Mrs Christina Davis                 Mrs Dawn Wilby                  Mrs Sharon Oats
    •            Teaching Assistant                 Teaching Assistant               Teaching Assistant
    •         (UFS and After School Care)                             (FS)                                 (FS and Breakfast Club)



                Mrs Rosemary Stones            Miss Ashleigh Wilby                   Mrs Jane West

                 Teaching Assistant               Teaching Assistant          Higher Level Teaching Assistant

        (FS Extended Hours Lunchtime)  (Year 1, Extra-Curricular Lead KS1)     (Year 2, Extra-Curricular Lead KS1)



             Miss Charlene McIlhoney              Mrs Liz Jordan                     Mrs Joanne Kelly

           Teaching Assistant (Year 3)       Teaching Assistant (Year 4)             Teaching Assistant (Year 6)



                Mrs Jennyfer Watson              Mrs Elaine Quinn                     Mrs Sonia Cave

            Teaching Assistant (Year 5)        Emotional Literacy Support       Education Support Assistant (Year 6)



    •            Miss Bobbie-Jo Watson             Mrs Sharon Scott               
    •         Education Support Assistant      Education Support Assistant         
    •                                (Year 2)                              (Year 3)                                

    Admin Staff:



                                  Mrs Ruth Addinall                       Miss Vicky Freer

                                     Office Manager                     Administration Assistant





                                                         Mr Dale Stones                                 

                                                      Premises Supervisor                                    


    Lunchtime Staff:  



                     Mrs Rebecca Laverty              Mrs Sharon Scott                Miss Bobbie-Jo Watson
    •                     Playleader         Lunchtime Senior Supervisory Assistant    Lunchtime Assistant (FS)
    •                                                                                       (Year 6)



    •                  Mrs Lisa West                    Mrs Sharon Oats                  Miss Jodie Reynolds
    •            Lunchtime Assistant (UFS)      Lunchtime Assistant (Year 1)        Lunchtime Assistant (Year 2)



                    Mrs Rachel Briggs               Mrs Debbie Walton                     Mrs Lea Day        

    •         Lunchtime Assistant (Year 3)      Lunchtime Assistant (Year 4)         Dinner Hall supervisor


                                                                                                       (After school care)


    •              Mrs Lorraine Hurst                  Mrs Sonia Cave                     Miss Susan Long
    •        Lunchtime Assistant (Year 5)     Lunchtime Assistant (1 to 1 support)   Lunchtime Assistant (1 to 1 support)




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    • Aspire Teaching School
    • National Teaching School
    • National Teaching School